Fecha de lanzamiento:   April, 2009.
Estudio de grabación:   Minimal Studio, Sevilla (España).
Producido:   Javier G. Harel.
Jesús Casado: Lead vocals / Backing vocals
David Fernández: Drums / Percussion
Javier G. Harel: Guitars / Synths / Programming / Bass / Piano
Backing vocals / Drums on ‘What To Do On A Perfect Day’

Additional musicians:
Alberto Venegas: Bass on ‘Bedlam’, ‘Muck Around’ & ‘Universal Ground’
Manuel Chávez: Bass on ‘Poor Interference’, ‘She Never Called Me Again’
& ‘What To Do On A Perfect Day’
Juanlu Moreno: Drums on ‘Muck Around’
Marco Serrato: Double bass on ‘Universal Ground’

The Tractor live on stage:
Javier G. Harel: Guitar / Synths / Backing vocals
Jesús Casado: Lead vocals / Percussion
J.L. Postigo: Bass
Juanlu Moreno: Drums / Sampler

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Javier G. Harel at Minimal Studio (Seville).
All songs composed by Javier G. Harel
All lyrics by Jesús Casado, except ‘Universal Ground’ by Mar Puerto

Artwork by Javier G. Harel & Antonio García Collados